390,00 TL

Dark Chocolate With Almond; Almond (Amygdalus communis L.) (%15) and Dark Chocolate (%85): {Cacao Mass (%45) (Total Dry Matter of Cacao min.%45), Sugar (%40), Cacao Oil (%34), Emulsifier (E 322 - %0,3) and Artificial Flv (Vanilla-%0,05)}. Milk Chocolate with Walnut ; Walnut(Juglans regia)(%20) and Milk Chocolate Couverture (%80) (Sugar, Total Dry Matter of Cacao (%34), Cacao Oil (%29), Milk Powder Emulsifier (E 322 - %0,3) and Artificial Flv (Vanilla-%0,05).

Allergen Warning: Contains Almond, Walnut, Soya Lecithin.

The unique taste created by walnut and almond madeleines made with the special Hacı Bekir chocolate formula using top quality cocoa butter and cacao beans.    

It’s best to keep chocolate at room temperature, away from heat and sunlight, and not to refrigerate.

When Hacı Bekir chocolates are not stored in a dry place with a temperature of 18-20 C°, they may turn white due to the sensitive structure of cocoa butter. This affects chocolate only visually, it doesn’t harm the taste or quality.