About Us Hacı Bekir, the best confectioner in the world since the time of the Ottomans, and the creator of the most delicious tastes that never change.
About Us
The taste that has prevailed through centuries
The Haci Bekir Company today is the culmination of generations of experience in and knowledge of the world and art of confectionery. It is currently under the management of the fourth and fifth generations, brought up as those before them to be completely and professionally involved in the company.
This management oversees all operations carried out in the company's factory, two production facilities and four retail outlets. In addition, the company has a worldwide export market stretching from New Zealand to Malaysia, the Middle East, Norway , England and the US .

The company's products emerge from facilities equipped with the latest technology and are produced in optimum conditions certified as world standard by ISO 9001-2008 The Quality Management System ,ISO 22000:2005 The Food Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2004 The Environmental Management System
Hacı Bekir Kurumsal
Our Vision To integrate the "Total Quality Management" concept into our management philosophy and industrial relations; to become a world brand with our classic products which are a symbol of our culture; to continually evaluate and improve our production capacity and growth potential.
Our Mission To follow the product and manufacturing technologies and to apply them to traditional flavors in order to continually improve our performance; to continue being a company that is highly successful in competition; to assess every activity in terms of its contribution to quality, cost and consumer satisfaction; to ensure satisfying and sustainable profits for our partners
Quality, Environmental and Safety Policies
Ingrained in our culture and tradition as a significant element of Turkish-Ottoman history since 1777 with products such as Turkish Delights, hard candies, halvas and pastes, Hacı Bekir has gained the trust and appreciation of not only the public but also the palace, and they have been appointed as Chief Confectioner to the Palace for three generations.

The primary target of the Hacı Bekir Company is to continue supplying the products that domestic and foreign consumers prefer, as they have done in the past. This target is to be reached through the application of the following methods and rules:

Protecting the accumulated knowledge whilst following technological advancements during the process of institutionalization;

Complying with the requirements of Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management Systems, and fulfilling the applicable conditions in order to ensure sustainable development;

Controlling and evaluating the suppliers of the raw materials and packaging materials we use;

Controlling and evaluating the products we manufacture;

Enabling the development of our staff through training;

Monitoring consumer satisfaction;

Scrupulously following and protecting our brand name;

Meeting the requirements of and taking the actions for environmental protection, preventing environmental pollution;

Ensuring safe manufacture of food products in compliance with the requirements of Turkish Food Codex and related communiques and regulations, and meeting the standards of ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

HACI BEKİR will reach the abovementioned target through training the whole staff, ensuring the raising and improvement of awareness, and continuous reevaluation of the Company's Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Policies. We, as HACI BEKİR Company, believe in and promise the realization of these policies and targets in a clean environment and nature.

Haci Bekir has successfully represented our country in international exhibitions since the 19th century.