Turkish Delights


185,00 TL

(With Sour Cherry, with Strawberry, with Apricot, with Orange)


-Corn Starch,


-Acidity Regulator(Cream of Tartar E 336),

According To Type; {Fruit (%5)[Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Apricot, Candied Orange Peel (Orange Peel, Sugar)],

-Artificial Flv.(Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Apricot,Orange)(0,06%)

-Colours [Allura Red E 129 (FD&C Red #40),Beta Caroten E 160a]}. 

You can’t get enough of these historic Hacı Bekir lokums. Hacı Bekir Assorted Fruit Flavored Lokum, prepared in different flavors according to the historic formula, is available in standard Hacı Bekir packages or in special packages of your choice.

Lokum has first been introduced to the Ottoman cuisine and then to the world by Hacı Bekir Effendi, chief confectioner of the Ottoman palace. Hacı Bekir lokums are still prepared according to his special recipe, and manufactured and delicately packaged under specific conditions in production plants where tradition is combined with modern technologies.

Hacı Bekir Fruit Flavored Lokum packages offer you a magnificent assortment of various Hacı Bekir flavors.